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Innovation Strength

“Continuous Innovation as the Engine of Growth”

Fundamental to our development is a continued drive to innovate all aspects of our business, tailored in alignment with market needs and opportunities. Whether creating new products for existing markets, or entering new markets with existing products, or in strengthening our internal capability, innovation is at the heart of what we do in order to offer better and simpler solutions to the challenges of our day.

We invest and deploy resources to support strategic innovation programmes and partnerships. Two key areas of innovation that we have been focusing on are in Process Improvements for our Advanced Chemicals platform and the commercial applications of graphene nanomaterials for our Advanced Materials platform.

  • Process Improvements
    Since 2010, a key area of development for the Advanced Chemicals platform has been in enhancing our process technologies to allow us to successfully produce high value chemicals from non-traditional renewable sources, specifically, waste and process residue materials from the palm oil industry. Our waste based fuel additive products offer the added advantage of meeting customers’ demand for sustainable non-food based biofuels. 
  • Graphene Nanomaterials Commercialisation
    The progress of our Advanced Materials is measured by achievements in applications development.

    An Innovation Unit has been created specifically to focus on diversifying our nanomaterial products range and functionalising graphene nanomaterials in targeted commercial application areas. The innovation efforts leverage our understanding of the science of the materials that we produce and the physical chemistry of the host products that we work with.

    In line with our current core business, Graphene Nanochem has developed the expertise in the dispersion of graphene nanomaterials in liquid matrices and solutions for performance enhancement. PlatDrill, our graphene-enhanced drilling fluids is a new addition to our products portfolio which have been internally developed through this process.

    Other key applications areas that we are focusing on are rubber/polymer and conductive inks.