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Manufacturing Strength

At Graphene NanoChem, our core strength is in chemical manufacturing where we seek to deliver cost effective chemical solutions to growth market sectors. We combine the use of nanotechnology on an integrated series of chemical processes that underpins world class manufacturing facilities and abilities.

Each manufacturing facility has its own unique strengths and products focus. All manufacturing facilities are located in Malaysia, in close proximity to our feedstock base. As in all aspects of our business there is constant focus on sustainability, operational efficiency and process safety. Quality is the central theme across all our facilities.

Our core manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Refining
  • Glycerolysis
  • Esterification and Transesterification
  • Blending
  • Catalytic Cracking (Nanomaterials Production)

Our manufacturing strategy is to continuously invest in a portfolio of leading proprietary technologies for integration into our current processes as well as to enhance our products portfolio, aligned to market needs and requirements. We aim to grow by acquisition, thereby adding new technologies, products as well as new facilities that complement our existing businesses and planned growth areas of the Group.