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Profitability with sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We see sustainability as the corner stone of our business and, for us, it means achieving economic success without compromising on environmental safety and social responsibility.

Climate change is one of the major global challenges in working towards a sustainable future.

We are committed to playing an active role in addressing the challenge, by focusing our efforts in areas in which we can have the greatest impact and create the most value – our process technologies and our products.

As a green solutions company, we are in a unique position to drive innovation in a way that benefits our business and the environment.

Our products, made from renewable sources, are about providing environmentally safe and climate friendly solutions in our chosen field and, where possible, are derived from palm waste oil and residue materials. We work with our partners to deliver specific demand for sustainably advantageous products as evidenced in our fuel additive market segment where our products are fully certified under the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification Scheme for greenhouse gas emission reduction status.  

Internally, we continuously work on reducing our carbon footprint by focusing on the following key areas of our operations to improve and enhance our operational efficiency:

  • chemical consumption;
  • energy consumption;
  • water consumption;
  • greenhouse gas emission reduction.