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Oilfield Chemicals

Graphene NanoChem’s graphene-enhanced Oilfield Chemicals solutions are designed to address demands from the oil and gas industry for green biodegradable products that meet both the environmental and functional demand for onshore and offshore drilling and production operations.

Drilling Fluids

The PlatDrill™ Series is a new generation of high performance drilling fluids designed and tested to satisfy the demanding technical, as well as increasingly stringent environmental, requirements of modern day drilling. PlatDrill™ “smartfluid” solutions, produced from renewable sources and enhanced by graphene nanomaterials, are engineered to perform in a wide range of drilling environments including, at high-pressure, and at high-temperature, with improved biodegradability and low toxicity attributes.

The use of PlatDrill™ fluids system in drilling operations can:

  • reduce well formation damage;
  • produce thinner filter cakes;
  • reduce fluid loss into rock formation pores;
  • preserve original rock formation pressure;
  • reduce wear on drilling tools;
  • reduce negative impact to the environment.


The PlatQuartZ™ Series is designed to complement any form of fluids system and provides environmentally safe high performance lubrication attributes in drilling and completion fluids, with the following benefits:

  • reduces friction and heat;
  • impedes corrosion;
  • stable rheology;
  • reduces torque and drag;
  • increases extreme pressure lubricating properties in drilling fluids and high stress environments;
  • cleans, conditions and strengthen surfaces.