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Performance Chemicals



As a unique multi-functional completion fluid, the PlatSurF series is designed to increase production rates in well with the ultimate result being a vastly improved production or injection rate in previously damaged wells. The plant based blended solvent, PlatSurFTM delivers an environmentally-friendly binder as it is acidizing and aromatic free, hence leaving small carbon footprint and the following key benefits:

  • Higher rate of oil production
  • Promotes oil mobility
  • Reduces waste generation



A highly effective dual function bactericide for both downhole and pipelines D&EOR applications, reducing the necessity for the addition of large amount of chemicals for controlling sulphur-reducing bacteria. The highly sustainable solution is free of disinfection of bi-products, does not react to inorganics and has 99.9% purity tested safe for drinking water. The solution also offers the following key benefits:

  • Reduces corrosion rate
  • Works for both brine and fresh water systems
  • Removes polymer damage resulting in wells yielding higher flow and performance



GraphPolTM Series is a disruptive high performance nano-polymer designed to cost effectively enhance water flooding process for EOR. The eco-friendly GraphPolTM uses 100% biodegradable Algae Based Polymer, thus is oil and surfactant free. This polymer additive is also resistant to poor quality injection water, works at higher salinities than the usual polymers and is able to withstand extremely high reservoir temperatures with the following key benefits:

  • High temperature resistance as polymers lose viscosity at 80C
  • High salinity tolerance avoiding increased polymer dosages
  • Decreases mobility of injected water