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Nanocomposites are polymers that have been reinforced with nanoparticles in order to enhanced the mechanical, electrical and chemical properties of the polymers. Owing to the nanoscale size features and very high surface-to-volume ratios, nanocomposites can be engineered to possess a combination of enhanced multifunctional properties not shared by the more conventional composites.

Graphene-enhanced composites not only exhibit excellent mechanical properties, but also display a combination of optical, electrical, magnetic, thermal and dimensional stability with high temperature, high impact, flame, corrosion and moisture resistance. For example, when added to rubber, graphene can increase its strength, conductivity and impermeability with surgical gloves as potential application.

The advantage of nanocomposites over conventional composites can be summarised as follows:

  • their mechanical, electrical, thermal, barrier and chemical properties, such as increased tensile strength, improved heat deflection temperature and flame retardancy can be achieved with less filler;
  • they can impart value-add properties not present in the polymer, without sacrificing the polymer’s inherent processibility and mechanical properties, therefore the strength, viscosity and optical properties of the polymer matrix are not affected.

PlatSperse™ is a unique cost effective method developed by Graphene NanoChem for a one-step graphene exfoliation and “in Situ” dispersion process within a variety of aqueous solutions and polymeric materials using a multiphase fluid dynamic dispersion system.

Graphene NanoChem is currently working on the development of a graphene-enhanced ultra lightweight proppant for use in the demanding shale oil and gas drilling, specifically in the stimulation of oil wells, gravel packing as well in hydraulic fracturing.

We are also working with several leading industry partners in engineering graphene formulations for enhanced strength, conductivity and structural properties for composite materials in several applications including rubber.