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Nanofluids are liquids or base fluids such as water or oils, containing suspension of nanoparticles and exhibit enhanced thermophysical properties such as thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, viscosity and convective heat transfer coefficients compared to conventional base fluids. A nanofluid is created when nanoparticles are controllably dispersed into a base fluid to enhance its properties resulting in a fluid where the properties of both the nanoparticles and the base fluid contribute to the targeted applications.

Nanofluids can be engineered for a wide variety of applications and important factors in designing nanofluid systems include the type of material, particle size and concentration as well as the targeted field of use. For example, the heat transfer properties of base fluid for engine coolant can be enhanced using nanoparticles resulting in removal of more heat from the engine thus a longer lasting engine.

In line with the strategy to enhance our Advanced Chemicals portfolio, Graphene NanoChem has developed an integrated graphene dispersion process for fluid matrices and solutions to create high performance fluids enhanced by graphene nanomaterials for oilfield chemicals applications.  Using our SimPlat 5.1 Process, we have developed and launched our nanofluid products for the oilfield chemicals market through the PlatDrill™ Series and the PlatQ™ Series, developed for drilling applications.

The unique properties of these new generation smartfluids have been tested and demonstrated to have better lubricity, load bearing capability and enhanced fluid loss control system and enables high temperature and high pressure performance.

Please refer to Oilfield Chemicals for our product details.