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The Advanced Materials Division focuses on the commercial development of high value high performance products in targeted application areas, enabled or enhanced through the use of graphene nanomaterials.

Graphene is a new class of nanomaterial with wide ranging properties, from enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity to exceptional load bearing capacity and performance. A potentially disruptive technology, graphene has the ability to transfer its intrinsic properties into other materials, creating an array of higher value products possessing specifically enhanced property values. A small quantity of this multi-functional, versatile material can enhance and bring new properties to established products such as plastics, polymers, lubricants, metals – from enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity to exceptional mechanical load bearing capacity and performance, for applications in a broad range of industries ranging from aerospace, automotive, composites, energy storage, marine and electronics, to construction, oil and gas, medical and telecommunications. 

At Graphene NanoChem, we leverage on our production and functionalization capabilities to focus on defined products and end market targets to realize the commercial value of graphene nanomaterials as an enabling technology for various end applications.

The Advanced Materials Division is comprised of three core proprietary elements:

  • the graphene nanomaterials unit for our in-house production of applications-specific nanomaterial products using our proprietary “bottom-up” chemical synthesis process, to suit our targeted areas of commercial applications;
  • the graphene dispersion unit for the functionalization of the materials to enable its application for specific performance uses; and
  • the product development unit for product commercialization.

Whilst we have the capability to manufacture various types of graphene nanomaterials we do not intend to be a volume supplier of graphene nanomaterials. Our strategy is to provide graphene-enhanced solutions into our targeted market place including through strategic industry partnerships and our commercialization initiatives will be structured on a case-to-case basis, based on the following business models:

  • the Integrator Model in which we own and manage the innovation process shouldering risks and also reaping the highest commercial value, primarily through wholly-owned or joint venture commercialization models;
  • the Orchestrator Model in which we coordinate significant aspects of innovation but executes only part of the process through collaborations with strategic partners driving a clear path to revenue generation and commercialisation; and
  • the Licensor Model where we are primary owner of the ideal or the intellectual property but is not directly involved in its realisation or implementation and enable us to generate higher margins with minimal risks.

The combined product and end market approach is a critical component to our commercialization efforts, specifically in selecting our areas of focus and in developing quality collaborations with industry partners.

The current priority application areas for the Advanced Materials platform are Nanofluids, Rubber and Polymers and Conductive Inks where we are at various stages of development and commercialization.